Does your ad drive consumers to take action? 

Creating a TV advertisement or commercial to promote your brand is an effective form of marketing to increase reach and create awareness. However, a TV advertisement or commercial requires a significant amount of marketing budget and resources. Thus your message needs to be effective and memorable. Take a look at how our team performs a biometric ad test on on of Australia's leading airlines

Airplane Above the Clouds

Our Approach 

The Neurolytics team conducted a study on a group of participants to view and evaluate one of Australia's top airlines TV advertisements to measure how consumers reacted to the ad and what elements sparked engagement/positive or negative emotions.

This was achieved by using eye-tracking, pupillometry, facial expression and a thematic analysis interview. 

The Problems

Identifying elements of the ad that evoke confusion or negative emotions towards the ad and monitoring the effectiveness of the ad moment-by-moment.

The Project

To measure and understand second-by-second what elements of the ad draw attention/positive or negative emotion. By examining this data we can make accurate suggestions as to what elements evoke positive emotions and what elements can be removed from the ad. This will effectively shorten the ad and save on advertising budget while increasing the understanding and effectiveness of the advertisement. 

The Outcomes

By looking over eye-tracking and pupillometry data, we were able to identify what elements of the ad evoked positive emotion and drew attention to the viewer while also identifying what elements could be removed from the ad or modified. 

Key Insights 

Biometric engagement

The significant trigger points of engagement in the airlines ad are the depiction of the dog looking up at the toupee, the surprise expression of the office lady, and the landing of the toupee (i.e., the revelation or explanation of the bizarreness) 

The chart to the right shows how moment-by-moment data can help provide insight into key elements of the ad. 

Screen Shot 2020-10-19 at 10.50.45
Screen Shot 2020-10-19 at 10.51.08

Visual heat-map

The visual attention heat-map shows that faces innately attract attention. Viewers also processed the information between different scenery, and attention was attracted to the main element throughout the whole ad. 

Biometric emotional 


The airliners TVC evoked significantly higher joy than a competitors ad as respondents found the humorous execution of the ad to be playful and cheeky. 

Screen Shot 2020-10-19 at 10.52.20

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