Website Usability
Product & Brand Audit
Ad Testing
Sensory & Taste Testing
Store Atmospherics

Optimise digital touchpoints and journey.

  • Emotions towards website. 

  • Cognitive load. 

  • Compare site to competitors.  

  • Are people paying attention to whats important? 

Understand consumer perception toward products and brands.

  • How will the product be perceived? 

  • How does your brand perform to others? 

Test the effectiveness of ads using biometric tools.

  • Does the ad evoke the correct emotions? 

  • How likely is someone to make a purchase after watching the ad?

Generate effective sensory experience by objectively measuring consumers

  • Measure emotions towards consumables. 

  • Compare your product to a competitor. 

Enhance in-store experience by tracking customer experience.

  • What do customers pay attention to? 

  • Where is the best location to place products? 

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