Billy Sung

Co-founder, CTO 

Billy Sung holds a PhD in Consumer Psychology and he is currently an academic at a leading University in WA. He is a founder and the Research Director for Neurolytics with research expertise in consumer biometrics and consumer research. With his vast knowledge in consumer research and psychology Billy is here to change the way we look and think of marketing one ad and website at a time.   

Our Leadership Team

Ricky Saini

Co-founder, CFO

As a marketing expert with a Bachelor of Commerce and an MBA up his sleeve, Ricky Saini believes that at the root of all good marketing there are subconscious decisions that are being made every second by consumers, and therefor biometric consumer research is so important in today's world of ever-evolving marketing tactics. 

Jaron Poisat

Co-founder, COO

Jaron Poisat is a director and founder of Neurolytics and has always been obsessed with the way people perceive what they see around them every day. with a passion for consumer research, his background in business and content creation allows for greater insight for companies looking to improve their digital marketing strategy backed by biometric research. 

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